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Who else wants to put on some muscle, lose excess body fat, and create the exact body they want – with lasting change?”

A gentle word of warning: Once you go past this point, you’ll never be able to unsee this.


Our Results

Let our clients introduce us by showing you where they started and what they accomplished…
Rowan G
Jess S
Dylan A
Helena R

What clients say about their results

Just some of the thousands of feedback messages we receive monthly.

“… I got my confidence to wear a swimsuit in front of friends and family back. I feel sexy again…”

Michelle bennevides

“… Not only do I like the way I look, I feel super happy and rested getting up in the morning and I don’t fall asleep at work after lunch anymore…”

Jason Darian

“I have always been ballooning in weight, struggling with every fad diet that came out. I mean I tried them all, it was just impossible to maintain with a normal social life. Bernie helped me get toned, whilst living life.”

Veronica vasquez

And that’s just a tiny fraction of our client feedback…

And yes, I get it… Not everyone wants to look like a pro bodybuilder.

That is why there are thousands of people who lost reasonable amounts of weight, got leaner and also built themselves an attractive body, without taking it to the extreme.

Our Team


We do not coach, preach or teach what is unattainable or unmaintainable. We are just normal people, with very average genetics, that have managed to achieve above average bodies and results using proven, working methods and maintainable diet and training methods. We also lead normal lives where we do dine out with friends, go to parties and binge on sweets from time to time, so we do understand the human mindset. We have helped thousands of clients achieve the bodies of their dreams, some with superb genetics and some with below average or very tough genetics. We understand the struggle, as we helped transform not only our own bodies and lives (more than once), but also those of guys and girls from around the world, in all walks of life.


Founder / Coach

I focus mainly on the men, but also help advise on the women, I have transformed my body not once, but 3 different times from small and fat or flabby to ripped or just a good maintainable muscle build that turns heads.


Founder / Coach

I focus mainly on the girls, but also help advise on the men. I have transformed by body three times in my life from fat to fit, and from flabby with not tone, to skinny with muscle tone and a tight butt. One of those times, was just after school, the other was just before marriage and the last was after having 2 kids, so I understand all stages of a women’s body.


Successful Transformations


Current Satisfied Clients


Positive Feedback

The Sign-Up Process

How the sign-up works



If you meet these criteria, you’re good to go:
• You are ready for big changes.

• You are serious enough about your goals.

You are humble enough to forget everything you learned so far about health, diet and fitness.



Right now, the price from month-to-month is $360. My conditions are fair. There are no obligations. If you feel like you don’t need me anymore or you’re not satisfied with your results, all you need to do is cancel via 1 click. No Tie-Ups. No Contract. Not satisfied for the first month? Money back. No hard feelings.



We won’t waste time. After payment, I will need to collect crucial data and information from you in order to truly personalize the coaching.

Then I come back within approximately 24-48 hours with your customized plan and strategy. Your first official day starts only when I planned everything for you.



After completing the onboarding survey and me setting everything up for you, you’ll have received clear instructions what to do (and what NOT to do). 

Questions will always appear, and we are here to answer your questions.

Sign up and start your transformation

$360 Per Month. 100% Personalized. Monthly Subscription. No Contract. As Long As You’re Satisfied.

What happens after I pay?

You will get an initial survey from me. I need to find out about your current situation, challenges, problems and goals. After completing it, (takes 5 min.) I am going to put together your entire individual plan and strategy for you.

Just for you. Nobody else. This involves your workouts. This involves your diet. This involves many things you haven’t thought about in your wildest dreams before.

This process takes about 12-24 hours after you’ve submitted the survey. After that, you’ll know exactly what you do. And then you execute. In the meantime, you’ll have already gotten access to my private membership platform. This is the place where I prepare my clients how to work with me and my tools efficiently.

Do I need a gym? How often do I have to workout?

You don’t “need” anything necessarily. I’m NOT trying to fit you into a plan. I’m trying to make a plan that fits YOU. And I know that it sounds super generic, but that’s really the case. So if you can go to a gym, awesome. If not, no problem. You tell me if you can go 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, 6 times. I’ll develop something for you.

I had many clients that couldn’t go to a gym. I developed a system for them that allowed them to workout at home. And they got better results compared to most people who go to the gym 5 times a week.

Is this really “personalized” or just another copy-paste?

Well if it was, I wouldn’t be able to transform so many people at so many individual beginner stages. Or this would mean that I have found the holy grail for any person on the planet. Both of these things being very unlikely.

See, there’s no “one-size-fits-all”. Yes, there are certain principles that apply to every human being, but your daily routine will be different to another client. Your nutrient needs will be extremely different to another client. Your workout exercises, frequency, intensity, volume will be different to another client.

I can guarantee you that I’m really sitting down and thinking about what each client needs to do to get their results fast. Plus, I invite you to ask my previous clients what they got and what they had to do. You’ll see they all got totally different plans and instructions from me.

Are there any extra costs for supplements, food etc?

Sometimes people think they need to buy steaks for $500 and supplements for $100 a month, which is funny, but not the case at all… 

The truth is: Most of the time, my clients even save money, because we remove lots of crap that isn’t necessary. You can send me your food & supplement list and I’ll tell you exactly what you need and what you don’t need.

Sign up and start your transformation

$360 Per Month. 100% Personalized. Monthly Subscription. No Contract. As Long As You’re Satisfied.

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